Every Student Succeeds with STEM: Mobilization Challenge #1

Every Student Succeeds with STEM: Mobilization Challenge #1
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The Challenge: Reach out to your state’s ESSA plan writers encouraging them to prioritize STEM learning.

As states develop new plans under ESSA, all members of the STEM community have an important role to play to keep great STEM teaching and great STEM learning a top priority for students.

But what can I/should I be doing?

Click here for several tools you can use as you (1) comment on your state plan, (2) identify the right person to contact, and (3) contact your state education agency directly. These tools include:

  • Tips for identifying the right person to contact
  • Phone call talking points and tips
  • Email template and guidance for crafting your response
  • Sample tweets to adapt and post

What can you expect to your outreach? Maybe just a form letter? Or maybe just a simple thank you. But all the responses together add up to real momentum. Want more info? Check here for Q&A about the first Mobilization Challenge.

As you track your impact, share any responses you receive back with us at: http://bit.ly/2lh5Z6v

Thanks for everything you are doing to make a difference in STEM learning for our young people!