Every Student Succeeds with STEM: Mobilization Challenge #3

Every Student Succeeds with STEM: Mobilization Challenge #3
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The Challenge: Engage in social media to reach policymakers and stakeholders around prioritizing STEM learning in ESSA plans.

As states develop new plans under ESSA, all members of the STEM community have an important role to play to keep great STEM teaching and great STEM learning a top priority for students.

Social Media Action Pack

Social media is an important part of the Every Student Succeeds With STEM campaign, as it helps us expand our reach to more audiences, grow our followers, amplify our message, and share information. Social media activity will help us both grab the attention of key grasstops leaders and engage a larger group of STEM-invested stakeholders in spreading the word to prioritize STEM in ESSA state plans.

This Social Media Action Pack provides you with tools and tips to amplify the Every Students Succeeds with STEM effort and its messages on social media. This Action Pack contains the following sections:

  • How to get involved
  • Social media tools (campaign hashtag and Twitter handle)
  • Sample Twitter posts
  • Sample Facebook + LinkedIn posts
  • Tips for posting and engaging on social media
  • Social media graphics

With these resources, you can easily share content about the campaign on your organization’s and your own social media channels to amplify the messages. In addition to using these tools, we recommend engaging with others on Twitter throughout the day – this could include liking or retweeting posts from others rallying around the same effort. This can help further the conversation around the campaign, which will incite others to get involved.

Click here for the social media toolkit and graphic files.