Every Student Succeeds with STEM: Mobilization Challenge #4

Every Student Succeeds with STEM: Mobilization Challenge #4
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The Challenge: Elevate teacher voices in conversations on STEM learning and ESSA implementation.

As states continue to develop new plans under ESSA, all members of the STEM community – and particularly teachers – have an opportunity to (1) share why STEM learning is essential to a well-rounded education and (2) highlight the individual stories from classrooms and programs about why STEM is meaningful to students.

Elevating Teacher Voice Toolkit

Over the next week, we will be elevating teacher voice and stories via Twitter. We want to hear from you! Why is STEM working in your program? Why is STEM learning meaningful to your students?

This toolkit provides you with tips for sharing your STEM stories, as well as celebrating the STEM successes happening in your classroom.

Read for more information about (1) the ask, (2) how to take action, and (3) sample tweets. The toolkit includes the following sections:

  • Tips for Teachers
  • Tips for Organizations